Taosheng Liu

  • Research interests: visual perception and attention, working memory, decision making, functional neuroimaging
  • Email:email_tsliu
  • Phone:  517.432.6694
  • Link: personal webpage, Google scholar

Postdoctoral Scientist

Mengyuan Gong

    Mengyuan graduated from Peking University with a doctoral degree in Psychology. Her research interests involve reward, attention and visual working memory. She loves travelling, tasting delicious food and hanging out with friends.

Graduate Students

Gozde Senturk

    After graduating from Bogazici University in Istanbul, she continued studying at the Master’s program in cognitive neuropsychology at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. She is interested in eye movements, attention, working memory and how those processes happen in the brain. Her hobbies are reading, visiting art galleries and museums, and playing chess.
Ming Fang

    Ming obtained his Master’s degree from New York University and Bachelor’s degree from Nanchang University in China. His major research interest lies in topics related to feature-based attention as well as the relationship between visual attention and reward, with both behavioral and neuroimaging approaches. Doing aerobic exercise and cooking are his preferred ways to spend leisure time.

Undergraduate researchers

Lauren Smith

    Lauren is a sophomore at MSU majoring in Neuroscience & Psychology while following the Pre-Medical Tract. Her concentration is cognitive neuroscience. She is interested in becoming a neurologist. In her free time, Lauren enjoys swimming, snow boarding, and watching hockey.
Rachael Slate

    Rachael is a senior pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology. After graduation, she plans to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology, and to one day become a Clinical Neuropsychologist. In her spare time, she loves hanging out with friends, dancing, and eating carbs.
Mark Gomulinski

    Mark is a Senior at MSU majoring in Neuroscience and Psychology with a focus on cognitive neuroscience. After graduation, he plans to work as a lab manager for a year and then pursue a graduate degree. In his spare time he likes to play video games with his friends and compete in tournaments.